About Sandra Lord

I was born, a long time ago, in Swissvale, a suburb of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I graduated from Winchester Thurston, when it was still a school for girls only, and from Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts, which is still for girls only. I spent my junior year abroad in Geneva, Switzerland, and have lived in France, England, Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, New Jersey, Rhode Island, New York, Montana, Alaska, and California.

Since moving to Houston in 1984, I have been actively involved in learning more about my adopted hometown. In 1988, I began offering guided tours through my company, Discover Houston Tours. I researched and designed hundreds of itineraries for walking tours and conducted training and educational programs for individuals interested in learning more about Houston.

A Certified Professional Guide, writer, researcher, trainer, and avocational historian, I have designed and/or conducted over 5,300 guided tours for more than 63,000 people since 1988. I have also written, edited, and performed research for more than 100 articles and books, most recently concentrating my efforts on downtown Houston.

I sold Discover Houston Tours in 2016 to Phil Stewart, who is also President of the Professional Tour Guide Association of Houston.

After a year of retirement, I realized that I missed showing people around Houston, so I am looking forward to doing walking tours again. I hope you’ll join me.