Talking Texan

All hat and no cattle.

I got here as fast as I could.

This isn’t my first rodeo.

Here are a few other sources that will help you all understand Texas talk:


All Hat & No Cattle. The phrase’s origins are lost in the fog of time, but it’s right up there with This Isn’t My First Rodeo and I Got Here As Fast As I Could. Former Texas Monthly contributor Anne Dingus wrote All Hat & No Cattle: A Guide for New Texans and All the West of Us in 1999. That must have been a popular year for the phrase because Trace Adkins’ 1999 MORE album that same year featured a song with the same title. His refrain:

All hat and no cattle that boy just ain’t real
All boots and no saddle don’t know how to make a cowgirl feel
Think I’m gonna tell him to pack up his act
And go back where he came from
‘Cause all hat and no cattle ain’t gonna get it done



21 Reasons Why Texas Is Not For Wimps. A Note for Houstonians Who Live Inside Loop 610: Most of this does not apply to you.

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